The best restaurants Destin has to offer!

Of all the restaurants Destin has, which ones provide the best overall dining experience?

Of course Destin has pretty much all of the larger regional and national chains. For many visitors, they provide comfort in knowing what to expect.

However, when I go on vacation, I want to have a change in scenery, and that means I usually want to eat at places that aren't available in my hometown!

Now living on the gulf coast means we have access to some of the best and freshest seafood around. Some restaurants will even prepare the fish that YOU caught that day while out on a charter boat!

We stumbled upon a place a while back that brings us back again and again. We were in our bathing suits, still sandy from being at the beach and we were looking for a place to eat. We saw the sign for Dewey Destin's and just had to check it out! It turns out that the city of Destin is named for Dewey's great, great grandfather named Leonard Destin..

The restaurant is built out over the water, on the bay side. Forgive me for saying so, but it is more like a shanty on a dock than a fancy restaurant. You have heard the saying about not judging a book by its cover, and that is definitely the case here.

We grabbed a picnic table on the dock with an umbrella and wandered inside to make our selections.

You see a bed of ice with fresh fish, shrimp and other seafood items. The Destin family supplies fresh seafood to a large number of restaurants in the area because they are the experts on this! (for several generations) The knowledgeable staff behind the counter will help you with your selection of the meal and the preparation choices.

For us, almost nothing beats fried shrimp so we just had to have some.

We returned to our picnic table to relax and watch the seabirds dance in the sky as they prepared our dinner. The water was gently lapping up against the dock while we watched the sun set in brilliant hues of red and orange as it fell into the horizon. It seemed that in no time at all they were bringing our dinner to us. My watch said maybe 20 minutes had passed, but it sure did not seem so.

They set before us baskets of some of the  best tasting fried shrimp we have ever had.  

Dewey Destin's added a harbor-side village a few years ago.  It has a more typical restaurant feel.  Their popularity is easy to measure in the fact that it is rare that the parking lot is not full!

Here are some other restaurants Destin has to offer.

My favorite place for a Burger

Fudpuckers and Gator Beach

Beef o Bradys - A good sports bar

Johnny O Quigleys - Great TV viewing for sporting events

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