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Ross Marler Park
What a Makeover!

You will be surprised at how nice Marler Park is today. If you haven't seen it since its makeover in 2005, you have missed one of the better gems of our area. This is a quiet, relaxing recreational area that families with children of all ages will enjoy.

Entrance to main pavilion at Marler Park

The beautiful entrance area to the main pavilion/bath area

It is located on the sound-side of Okaloosa Island (on the inland waterway), so the water is very peaceful and quiet. Just the occasional ripple of a passing boat. This is particularly good if you have small children.

Large green area for playing at Marler Park

Who brought the frisbees?
A nice green space to enjoy!

There are tall pines and a few covered pavilions to provide much needed shade. The nice barbecue grills scattered throughout are a nice touch.

The brand new facilities have the absolute best restrooms of any public park in the area. (in my humble opinion...)

Tall pines and picnic tables near the beach

I can just smell the barbecue, can't you?

There is ample parking, and they have a great public boat launch too! If you don't have a boat, they have a nice fishing dock to fish from.

The swimming area is roped off to keep the jet skis and other boaters from getting too close to the swimmers.

Beautiful pavilion at Marler Park

Picnic anyone?

Overall, this is a great little park!

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Beach Flag Warning System

Use your head whenever you go swimimng in the gulf. We use a flag system to indicate the various safety conditions of the water.

RipCurrent Warning Sign

Please remember to swim parallel to the beach if you get caught in a rip current!

Destin fishing

Destin Fishing

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