Gulf Islands National Seashore
A safe park to visit

Shallow water is one of th best features of Gulf Islands National Seashore Park.  This makes it a favorite spot for families with small children, and for a growing contingent of kiteboarders!  The shallow water (generally not more than 2-3 feet deep) extends about a 100 yards out into the bay.

This park is also located on the bay-side of Okaloosa Island, so the water is generally smooth, interrupted only by the gentle ripples caused by passing boats.

This park has loads of great parking, not more than 100 yards or so from the water.  That is important if you are lugging a lot of stuff to your spot.  There are very few picnic tables though, with none close to the water, so bring your chairs and blankets.

The bathroom facilites are the most basic ones provided at any beach or park, but still vey much welcomed when you need them.

My boys are very interested in kiteboarding, and this where the kiteboarders like to go.  The large shallow area and the good wind make it an ideal place to learn kiteboarding.