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Florida Links

The recommended Florida Links below are some other great sites to visit. You will find official tourist bureau sites, Florida directories and other quality travel information sites. Florida is a large and diverse State, with something to offer for everyone. I love the Destin area, but I also like to visit other new and exciting locations! As I find other useful, honest and informational websites, I will put them here. I hope you find my Florida Links page useful in your search for your next travel destination.

Visit Florida

This is the official website for the State of Florida Tourist Bureau. It has information on just about every location and attraction in Florida. It does have good information, particularly about the various festivals and events that occur throughout the State.
Visit Florida for Fun

Destin Chamber of Commerce

This site is dedicated to promoting Destin and the members of the Destin Chamber. More good information to peruse.
Destin Chamber of Commerce

Miami by Martin

Hello! My name is Martin Crossland. Welcome to Miami and Miami Beach. I will show you how to get around Miami Beach, what to see and do. I will cover the history, beaches, attractions, events, cultural life, sports and sightseeing in the city and surroundings. If you are visiting Miami and South Florida, and are looking for a knowledgeable local friend and contact, may I show you the way?
Miami by Martin
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Destin golf

Destin Golf

Destin beaches

Destin Beaches

Destin fishing

Destin Fishing

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