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What exactly is our
Destin Rankings about?

Hey, everyone has his or her own tastes and favorites. Restaurant owners and managers take great pride in what they serve and do not always agree with my Destin Rankings.

So, as you might expect, I occasionally receive e-mail that might disagree with how we ranked a particular location. So perhaps I can shed some light on our point of view...

We are not professional restaurant reviewers, nor do we do mystery shopping. We are just a family providing our opinion to you, our friends. Not much different than what you would get when you casually talk to your friends and workmates about a great restaurant you recently went to.

Because I am married with two hungry growing boys at home, I lean towards simplicity and value. I hate it when we leave a place that charged $35 a plate and we still have to stop at Wendy's to tame the boy's hunger!

I like being pleasantly surprised when the food is exceptionally good and plentiful. I dislike places that let my iced tea glass remain empty for extended periods of time.

Pretty much all of the places that I visit would let me feel comfortable in sharp-casual attire. There is a time for going out to places where everyone is dressed to the 9's, but that is the exception, not the rule for us.

Because we are a beach community, shorts/sandals and t-shirts seem to be the norm anyway, and we are quite happy with that!

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