Deep Sea Fishing
Destin FL

If you love deep sea fishing Destin FL is where you can create a memory you will cherish for a lifetime! I have vivid memories of catching king mackerel, dolphin, red snapper and grouper on the many excursions we made on my father's boat (and that occurred more than 35 years ago)! 

Today, I buy the gas for my friends' boat for a day out, or I go out on one of the commercial charter boats that Destin is famous for.

Party Boats

I have taken our boys out on a special type of charter boat, called a party boat. This is a cost effective way to go deep sea bottom fishing for individuals and small family groups. Costs range from $40 - $80 per person per day. There may be 25 to 40 other anglers on the party boat, helping to keep the costs down. They provide all of the necessary tackle, bait and a knowledgeable crew to help you get the most of your fishing trip. Just show up ready to catch some fish!

My experience is that we go a little more than an hour out into the gulf before the bell rings to drop your lines. They will move several times to get to a spot where the fish are biting. Time passes quickly when you are having fun, so before you know it, you will be heading back with plenty of fish. Maybe I have been lucky, but I have never been skunked on a party boat!

Charter Boats

Now, if you want to catch game fish like king mackerel, Spanish mackerel, marlin, cobia or sailfish, then going out on charter boat is for you. Fishing for these species is quite different than bottom fishing (since you generally are trolling) and so a typical charter is for 4-6 passengers. (You can only have so many lines trolling behind you!). Costs are a little higher, but you have a bit more control on the fishing experience. Although some anglers may mix in some bottom fishing, I expect most will spend their time working to hook up a big one!

Since there are more than 100 Licensed Charter Boats, I would generally use a charter service like:   

AAA Destin Charter Boat Association

(850) 837-9401


Adventure Charters

(850) 837-1995


Sunrise Charters

(850) 837-2320


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