Vacation Beach Tips

Here are 10 Beach Tips for you to consider

1. Wet your hair before going into the pool or gulf waters.  Your hair is like a sponge, absorbing water.  Letting it soak up fresh water before getting into either the pool or the gulf will diminnish the harm that chlorine or saltwater can cause to your hair.

2.  Pack travel-sized shampoo in your beach bag.  It is also important to rinse/wash out the chlorine and saltwater after you get out of the water.

3.  Leave jewelry in your room to prevent loss.  Most mornings, there are treasure-finders sweeping the beaches with their metal detectors, looking for those easy to lose jewelry items!

4.  Always wear sunscreen.  Reapply at least every 2 hours.  Don't forget to apply under your swimsuit straps that move around when you move.

5.  Put sunscreen on before you get to the beach or pool.  This is especially important for the kids that run and dive right in.

6.  Your lips also need protection from the sun.  If you forgot to bring lip balm, put a little sunscreen on your lips.

7.  Don't forget the baldspot or wear a hat.

8.  Insect repellant is another item to slip into your beach bag.

9.  Leave your prescription sunglasses or expensive sunglasses in the car or room.  Pick up an inexpensive pair for the beach, where they are more likely to get scratched, lost or broken.

10.  Everyone needs water shoes or flip-flops.  Parking lots, pavement and boardwalks get very hot in the sun!