James Lee Park
My favorite beach!

Although James Lee Park is the farthest from my home, it is worth the drive.  It became my favorite beach more than 30 years ago, and even though there has been tremendous development up and down Scenic Highway 98, it has retained its place of honor.  This beach park (like most of the larger ones) uses a little commercial develoment to make the park better.   An on-site quality restaurant called the Crap Trap is pure dining pleasure.

Crystal clear water gently lapping the snow white sand.

I just seems that the water is always the here!  The general area is known as Crystal Beach.  I honestly do not know how it came to be known as Crystal Beach, but even when other beaches have too much seaweed, this beach will have very little or none.  I especially love to snorkle here because of the clarity of the water.

Sunset at James Lee ParkAnother peaceful sunset at James Lee Park in early spring.

James Lee Park details

You can find my favorite park on Old Scenic Highway 98 at the eastern edge of Okaloosa County.  You can pull into one of the 166 parking spaces and immediately enjoy the scenic view.

You can pile your stuff on one of the 41 picnic tables under one of the 3 large pavilions, or use one of the 9 dune walkover paths to get closer to the water.  There are large well maintained restroom facilities and changing rooms available.

We generally bring our own beach chairs, blankets and coolers.  You can rent beach chairs and umbrellas like most of the larger beaches.

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Beach Warning Flag SystemUse your head whenever you go swimming in the Gulf. We use a flag system to indicate the various safety conditions of the water.
Breaking free of a rip current.Please remember to be careful while swimming in the Gulf. Just remember to swim parallel to the beach to get free.
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