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John C. Beasley Park
An Area Favorite

Sunrise at Beasley Park

A beautiful sunrise in June

Beasley Park is a wonderful public beach park located on Okaloosa Island between Destin and Fort Walton, FL. It offers a more casual beach visit suited for families or couples looking to relax and enjoy the surf and sand. My observation is that this beach does not draw the wild party-animal types. (Click here for a party beach)

It has a tremendous amount of scenic beauty, which makes it a favorite location for a beach wedding. You can see them happen throughout the year, but most frequently during the early summer and fall months! I also think this beach location provides the backdrop for more "beach portraits" than any other area beach.Beautifyl water at Beasley Park
One of the two pavilions is able to be reserved for special occasions, while the other one is used on a first-come, first-served basis. If you would like to reserve a pavilion for a special event, please call Okaloosa County Parks. Ramps and walkways to beach at Beasley Park
There are full bathroom/changing rooms at Beasley Park, as well as strategically located showers to rinse off the salt and sand after a happy day at the beach. During the peak season, they rent beach chairs and umbrellas, skim boards and belly boards and have a small gift shop available to pick up some forgotten items. The also provide a lifeguard during posted hours.Lovers strolling at Beasley Park
It is also one of the few parks with special emphasis on providing wheelchair access. Wheelchair access is provided by long ramps that lead up from the parking lot to the pavilions at the top of the dunes and then back down to the beach. When we took our wheelchair bound parents to the beach, this was the only one we went to.Wheelchair access at Beasley Park
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